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Axis Theatre

Frog Belly, Rat Bone


Incorporating beautifully handcrafted puppets and an original pop/rock
musical score, Cementland comes to life as two enigmatic garbage collectors tell the story of a very special boy whose singular wish is to find a TREASURE!

One day, the boy discovers a rusty tin box packed with colorful
envelopes and an old wrinkled note: "Put my wondrous riches into the
earth and enjoy." So the boy opens the envelope and tosses the contents
- "hundreds of tiny gray specks" - onto the ground. Nothing happens! But night will come and the specks must be protected from junkyard thieves so the boy invents a guard... "he gathers wet smelly socks,
moldy old pillow stuffing and scraggly wire bringing his creation, Frog Belly Rat Bone, to life.”

Frog Belly isn’t the sharpest, or the quietest, but it works. In time,
Cementland blooms with beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables,
and the junk pile of dark grays yields to an explosion of colour. With
some strategy, strong communication, a lot of patience and goodwill,
we can all grow wondrous riches, transforming dark surroundings into
something beautiful.

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